nothing inside, decay.

RELEASED 05 JAN 2000 ~ 73.59


01 wych 4.20 MP3 (972k)
X 02 lost 4.49 MP3 (972k)

discolored thoughts disconnect my eyes
turn away from the final stain
so strange and hard to forget
this always feeling pain

remember past once lost forgotten
echoing an empty room
inside myself
nothing answered
pain returns again too soon

attacking sharp and never steal
the wanting for this peace
and never wake or kill to fear
the shocking value of our sleep

turn away from me
and everything is lost
now fall to my knees
and everything is lost
left to take from me
and everything is lost
ever mattered then
and everything is lost

O 03 decay 4.37 MP3 (1,134k)
O 04 seversister 5.00 MP3 (4,677k) #
05 tormentor 5.02 MP3 (972k)
O 06 fragmentary blue 3.25 MP3 (972k)
O 07 hammer 5.29 MP3 (972k)
O 08 postmortem reality 4.23 MP3 (972k)
O 09 yellow 5.45 MP3 (1,296k)
O 10 soliloquy 5.34 MP3 (972k)
O 11 for m. 5.36 MP3 (1,458k)
O 12 the sweetest revenge 5.19 MP3 (4,980k) #
O 13 dead crosses 3.49 MP3 (972k)
14 x19 10.44 MP3 (1,296k)

Over a year and a half in the making, the first Nothing Inside CD of the new millenium.