nothing inside, decay.

RELEASED 05 JAN 2000 ~ 73.59


01 wych 4.20 MP3 (972k)
O 02 lost 4.49 MP3 (972k)
O 03 decay 4.37 MP3 (1,134k)
O 04 seversister 5.00 MP3 (4,677k) #
05 tormentor 5.02 MP3 (972k)
O 06 fragmentary blue 3.25 MP3 (972k)
O 07 hammer 5.29 MP3 (972k)
O 08 postmortem reality 4.23 MP3 (972k)
O 09 yellow 5.45 MP3 (1,296k)
O 10 soliloquy 5.34 MP3 (972k)
O 11 for m. 5.36 MP3 (1,458k)
X 12 the sweetest revenge 5.19 MP3 (4,980k) #

i wasn't there on the day
the whales came up out of the sea
and swam right on into your house
while you watched tv
father mother sister brother
they slaughtered every one of you
leaving nothing behind in their wake of destruction
but a great big harpoon

i wasn't there on the day
the seagulls flew into your house
and sat right down upon your chest
and ripped both your eyes out
leaving you just a bloody carcass
filled with gaping sores
and nothing to mark their passing
but an oil slick on the floor

i was there on the day
the trees pulled up their roots and walked
over to your cooling corpse
i watched all of them stalk
i watched them as they brought an end
to this elaborate drawn out demise
and as they walked away
i watched your body catching fire

the sweetest revenge is the one
that's paid back in kind
the one that leaves the evidence
for everyone else to find
the one that always ends in death
a final reprimand
acting as a grim reminder
to those who rape the land
that every day more is lost...

O 13 dead crosses 3.49 MP3 (972k)
14 x19 10.44 MP3 (1,296k)

Over a year and a half in the making, the first Nothing Inside CD of the new millenium.