nothing inside, decay.

RELEASED 05 JAN 2000 ~ 73.59


01 wych 4.20 MP3 (972k)
O 02 lost 4.49 MP3 (972k)
O 03 decay 4.37 MP3 (1,134k)
O 04 seversister 5.00 MP3 (4,677k) #
05 tormentor 5.02 MP3 (972k)
O 06 fragmentary blue 3.25 MP3 (972k)
O 07 hammer 5.29 MP3 (972k)
O 08 postmortem reality 4.23 MP3 (972k)
O 09 yellow 5.45 MP3 (1,296k)
O 10 soliloquy 5.34 MP3 (972k)
O 11 for m. 5.36 MP3 (1,458k)
O 12 the sweetest revenge 5.19 MP3 (4,980k) #
X 13 dead crosses 3.49 MP3 (972k)

i had this dream
and in it
we were driving down a road
and this road had lots of
little white crosses
all along the embankments
and down the center median
you know
the sort you see
when a loved one or pet
gets run over and killed
and the survivors feel
as if they have to make an effort
to do something
to somehow mark the spot
where something died
anyway, i was looking at all
those little white markers
like tiny subterranean churches
and i started wondering
if they marked the exact spot
where the body lay
or if it was only
an approximation
and if so
if the margin of error
for placing the marker
was greater for
say dogs instead of children
and then you turned to me
and your eyes were empty
and you whispered
'dead crosses'

14 x19 10.44 MP3 (1,296k)

Over a year and a half in the making, the first Nothing Inside CD of the new millenium.