nothing inside, end.

RELEASED 16 JUN 1998 ~ 72.45


O 01 empty 4.50 MP3 (4,551k) #
02 g.d.s 4.32 MP3 (724k)
O 03 a matter of faith 5.13 MP3 (4,899k) #
04 suicide 5.33 MP3 (703k)
O 05 descent 4.33 MP3 (775k)
X 06 escape 4.48 MP3 (737k)

it's 3:45 am
i can't sleep
it's 3:47 and i look through the glass
and see the rain falling down
into the lonely deserted street
but there are vultures at my window
they sit and watch - watch and sit
are they waiting for me to die?
fighting my nausea
i look down again at my legs
they've both been cut off, you know
and there are maggots eating at my stumps
moving upwards to my groin
i would scream if i had a tongue -
but the vultures are chewing on it
i lean over the nightstand
and look into the drinking glass
my left eye is torn out
by a rough tongue
that comes lashing out of the water
i turn back and watch the wall
there are all the people waiting
waiting for me to die
a child, small and delicate looking
comes up to me
and chews off a piece of my hand
swallowing, he smiles
i wake up screaming
i sit up in bed and look at the clock -
it was only a dream
a nightmare
i decide to go for a walk
outside, the air is cool,
and i am suddenly moved
to look at the sky
there are no clouds tonight -
but all the stars are gone
i look down and see a delicate child
he has my fingers in his mouth

O 07 trapped 3.15 MP3 (776k)
O 08 willing to lie 5.57 MP3 (760k)
O 09 our perfect dream 2.36 MP3 (737k)
O 10 monster 3.14 MP3 (734k)
O 11 blind 5.57 MP3 (773k)
12 end 5.26 MP3 (781k)
13 empty (remanants of tension mix) 5.33 MP3 (957k)
14 the speaker (previously unreleased) 3.30 MP3 (957k)
O 15 hate (previously unreleased) 5.25 MP3 (957k)
16 end (bitter fragments) 1.30 MP3 (957k)

This CD comprises the entire original END cassette plus four rare bonus tracks. All tracks have been remixed and remastered for this CD release. The bonus tracks include alternate versions of Empty and End and two songs from the original END sessions that wound up on the cutting room floor.