nothing inside, end.

RELEASED 16 JUN 1998 ~ 72.45


O 01 empty 4.50 MP3 (4,551k) #
02 g.d.s 4.32 MP3 (724k)
O 03 a matter of faith 5.13 MP3 (4,899k) #
04 suicide 5.33 MP3 (703k)
O 05 descent 4.33 MP3 (775k)
O 06 escape 4.48 MP3 (737k)
O 07 trapped 3.15 MP3 (776k)
X 08 willing to lie 5.57 MP3 (760k)

if i am led astray by your words
i will try to begin to forget the hurt
i think that i could bear it all
if you're willing to share at all
then i'm willing to lie

when life is at its most painful
it can seem somehow all the more meaningful
but when i expect adoration
and instead i receive condemnation
i'm willing to lie

watching you wipe my tears away
i'm aware that you have your debts to pay
and you can't waste precious time on someone who lies

but i know that you'll put all your trust in me
if you have enough lust for me
and we'll be together until one of us dies

but if i should happen to find
that i'm the one who's always been blind
then i'll probably fall down in quiet despair
searching for the love that was never there
but then i'll pay more attention to you
break down and make one more concession for you
rip out my heart and lie bleeding in front of you
yes to you i'm willing to lie

it's to you i'm willing to lie
to crawl on my knees and lay down to die
it's with you i'm willing to lie
to roll under the sheets and cover our eyes
it's to you i'm willing to lie
i'd tell you the truth but i'm much too shy
it's with you i'm willing to lie
it's to you i'm willing to lie

it's with you i'm willing to lie
it's to you i'm willing to lie

O 09 our perfect dream 2.36 MP3 (737k)
O 10 monster 3.14 MP3 (734k)
O 11 blind 5.57 MP3 (773k)
12 end 5.26 MP3 (781k)
13 empty (remanants of tension mix) 5.33 MP3 (957k)
14 the speaker (previously unreleased) 3.30 MP3 (957k)
O 15 hate (previously unreleased) 5.25 MP3 (957k)
16 end (bitter fragments) 1.30 MP3 (957k)

This CD comprises the entire original END cassette plus four rare bonus tracks. All tracks have been remixed and remastered for this CD release. The bonus tracks include alternate versions of Empty and End and two songs from the original END sessions that wound up on the cutting room floor.