nothing inside, host.

RELEASED 29 DEC 1997 ~ 73.56


O 01 shatter 5.54 MP3 (702k)
O 02 what happens now 5.13 MP3 (1,063k)
O 03 two roads 7.01 MP3 (6,597k) #
O 04 slowdeath 4.55 MP3 (4,593k) #
O 05 fade 6.00 MP3 (784k)
O 06 angel 5.25 MP3 (781k)
07 s.f.b.s.d. 4.07 MP3 (816k)
O 08 little miss sunshine [i] 5.25 MP3 (777k)
O 09 unseen [ii] 4.07 MP3 (825k)
10 incinerator [iii] 4.48 MP3 (803k)
11 pethrceid [iv] 5.20 MP3 (899k)
X 12 barbedwireroses [v] 5.05 MP3 (771k)

something's not quite right
can't seem to put my finger on it

where did it all go wrong
but it seems nothing i can do will fix it
just staring at the walls and a bouquet
of one dozen barbed wire roses

how did it all fall apart
when everything seemed so perfect
was it there all along
or was it something completely random

i just don't understand
how i failed you
but sitting on the table there's a vase
filled with the broken stems
of one dozen barbed wire roses

what did i ever do to you
to deserve this treatment
was is something that i said or did or didn't do

every time i reach out to touch you you push me away
then five minutes later you're back again
but holding you in my arms
is like being stabbed by the thorns
of one dozen barbed wire roses

one dozen barbed wire roses
all for you
one dozen apologies

for all the hell you've put me through
one dozen excuses
for the things i've done
one dozen i love you's
and every one a lie

i cannot take this anymore
i won't even bother to try
these one dozen barbed wire roses

are just my way of saying goodbye

one dozen little metal petals slice into my flesh

13 each man kills the thing he loves [vi] 7.00 MP3 (778k)
O 14 strangecountry 2.20 MP3 (789k)

Originally conceived as a four song ep intended to recognize the life, achievements, and death of William S. Burroughs, HOST turned into a fourteen track full length release including parasite tracks from solo and side projects.


[i]stiff kittenz
[ii]hate turned backwards
[iii]mice in tights
[vi]tears of god