karakul, 00.

RELEASED 15 AUG 2001 ~ 65.35


O 01 regret 4.28 MP3 (4,134k) #
02 all here together 6.25 MP3 (1,076k)
X 03 pay per 3.35 MP3 (942k)

There it was sitting right in front of me
All my life condensed to a sheet of paper
There I was sitting comfortably
all my life (?was contained on it?)

(?why is it mixed in why do I read ?)
why am I stuck inside this life
what's to know, what's the truth to show

(?There I was sitting there comfortably
On a sheet of paper
Staring back looking into my eyes
All my life was written on it?)

04 you 2.36 MP3 (960k)
O 05 blank stare 3.41 MP3 (3,332k) #
O 06 albatross 7.04 MP3 (1,076k)
07 this place, meant 3.03 MP3 (942k)
08 the manic watch, you may call it 4.51 MP3 (942k)
09 hive a nice day 4.03 MP3 (1,076k)
O 10 consume less 3.05 MP3 (942k)
11 the farther the sun from the whole he goes 7.04 MP3 (942k)
O 12 atom end the god-din 8.46 MP3 (1,076k)
13 hardly looking far away to say it, all 6.54 MP3 (942k)