karakul, 00.

RELEASED 15 AUG 2001 ~ 65.35


O 01 regret 4.28 MP3 (4,134k) #
02 all here together 6.25 MP3 (1,076k)
O 03 pay per 3.35 MP3 (942k)
04 you 2.36 MP3 (960k)
O 05 blank stare 3.41 MP3 (3,332k) #
O 06 albatross 7.04 MP3 (1,076k)
07 this place, meant 3.03 MP3 (942k)
08 the manic watch, you may call it 4.51 MP3 (942k)
09 hive a nice day 4.03 MP3 (1,076k)
X 10 consume less 3.05 MP3 (942k)

This voice that I am hearing it gets louder every day
Reminds me of the stupid games we used to play
Like when we would always just change the rules
Never be afraid to be the fools

And all that I am saying is reminds me of the time
When you would sit around and make everything rhyme

You find yourself consuming less and less every day
You have no concern with how you dress or the way
You wear your hair
You just don't care

I find myself at night just locking up the door
And then curling into a ball right there on the floor
Just let it be
This song is not about me

11 the farther the sun from the whole he goes 7.04 MP3 (942k)
O 12 atom end the god-din 8.46 MP3 (1,076k)
13 hardly looking far away to say it, all 6.54 MP3 (942k)