karakul, -01.

RELEASED 11-OCT-2006 ~ 47.52


01 snnksndz 2.02 MP3 (1,873k)
O 02 wayback 4.00 MP3 (1,908k)
03 y'see 3.26 MP3 (1,882k)
O 04 mine, us 1.19 MP3 (2,477k) #
05 like,like 3.24 MP3 (1,880k)
O 06 spots 4.44 MP3 (1,881k)
O 07 many sinister soups 4.35 MP3 (1,893k)
O 08 rollover 2.10 MP3 (1,866k)
09 forkaster 3.39 MP3 (1,869k)
10 scissor woman 2.39 MP3 (1,875k)
11 as days go by 3.20 MP3 (1,865k)
X 12 filter pass't 3.20 MP3 (6,273k) #

time passed is a bug in a glass and it's alien to me
idea once so easy to hear is like and ancient mystery
so true the last thing you knew will be the first thing that's on your mind
but great beginnings don't lead to happy endings
they just simmer out

circling around with your eyes fixed on the ground
center on the sound, oh wait filtering out loud (x2)

and so again, nothing ever seems to change
it's all in the past, which in time we rearrange

go through the past i'm knee deep in molassus
we see the world through rose colored glasses
rewrite the past 'till it makes sense to us
we filter past

in my head i don't see right and wrong then
half the reason i'm writing this song when
all that's gone is what makes us who we are
we filter past

13 witchoo 6.59 MP3 (1,877k)
14 done. 2.15 MP3 (1,886k)

writ and recc'd by the karakul, banned: (s. li, c. kuul, w. turner, s. bharal)

@DR studios, Crigarex Brand and th'kll Haus

w/ invariable production, vox arrangement and multi-instrumentalism on trax 2 + 6-10 from the likes of alexander mabrey.

additional musicians:
maria bouchard: soundsource on 1
janice boan: vocals on 2
chris camillo: vocals on 3
rome clegg: drumsounds on 3
(plus salvation of lost files on 13)
mills estes: bass on 4, mastering advice
justin purdy: drums on 4 and 7
ainsley thompson: espresso machine on 6