karakul, -01.

RELEASED 11-OCT-2006 ~ 47.52


01 snnksndz 2.02 MP3 (1,873k)
O 02 wayback 4.00 MP3 (1,908k)
03 y'see 3.26 MP3 (1,882k)
O 04 mine, us 1.19 MP3 (2,477k) #
05 like,like 3.24 MP3 (1,880k)
O 06 spots 4.44 MP3 (1,881k)
X 07 many sinister soups 4.35 MP3 (1,893k)

i woke up, i'd passed out on the lawn
i could tell by the tire tracks that you had long gone
and the neighbors and dogs barking went on and on once again
it's a shame.

we lie to ourselves to make ourselves happy

in this place things have changed quite a bit
but in so many ways it's still all the same shit
and i asked them how they were but they just won't talk about it
it's a shame.

O 08 rollover 2.10 MP3 (1,866k)
09 forkaster 3.39 MP3 (1,869k)
10 scissor woman 2.39 MP3 (1,875k)
11 as days go by 3.20 MP3 (1,865k)
O 12 filter pass't 3.20 MP3 (6,273k) #
13 witchoo 6.59 MP3 (1,877k)
14 done. 2.15 MP3 (1,886k)

writ and recc'd by the karakul, banned: (s. li, c. kuul, w. turner, s. bharal)

@DR studios, Crigarex Brand and th'kll Haus

w/ invariable production, vox arrangement and multi-instrumentalism on trax 2 + 6-10 from the likes of alexander mabrey.

additional musicians:
maria bouchard: soundsource on 1
janice boan: vocals on 2
chris camillo: vocals on 3
rome clegg: drumsounds on 3
(plus salvation of lost files on 13)
mills estes: bass on 4, mastering advice
justin purdy: drums on 4 and 7
ainsley thompson: espresso machine on 6