karakul, -01.

RELEASED 11-OCT-2006 ~ 47.52


01 snnksndz 2.02 MP3 (1,873k)
O 02 wayback 4.00 MP3 (1,908k)
03 y'see 3.26 MP3 (1,882k)
O 04 mine, us 1.19 MP3 (2,477k) #
05 like,like 3.24 MP3 (1,880k)
O 06 spots 4.44 MP3 (1,881k)
O 07 many sinister soups 4.35 MP3 (1,893k)
X 08 rollover 2.10 MP3 (1,866k)

i keep having these goddamn dreams
where i wake still half asleep

there's someone in the room with me
by my side, under the sheets

jump out of bed, turn on the lights
but there's no one in the room
i keep hearing these noises outside
so it's quiet as a tomb

my hand it shakes, my knee it hurts
and the walls keep closing in
can't understand where i am anymore
or just how to begin

and three bears in the bed and the little one said
"I'm tired. Roll Over."

09 forkaster 3.39 MP3 (1,869k)
10 scissor woman 2.39 MP3 (1,875k)
11 as days go by 3.20 MP3 (1,865k)
O 12 filter pass't 3.20 MP3 (6,273k) #
13 witchoo 6.59 MP3 (1,877k)
14 done. 2.15 MP3 (1,886k)

writ and recc'd by the karakul, banned: (s. li, c. kuul, w. turner, s. bharal)

@DR studios, Crigarex Brand and th'kll Haus

w/ invariable production, vox arrangement and multi-instrumentalism on trax 2 + 6-10 from the likes of alexander mabrey.

additional musicians:
maria bouchard: soundsource on 1
janice boan: vocals on 2
chris camillo: vocals on 3
rome clegg: drumsounds on 3
(plus salvation of lost files on 13)
mills estes: bass on 4, mastering advice
justin purdy: drums on 4 and 7
ainsley thompson: espresso machine on 6