news, april 2011.



To tide you over while you wait for us to finish MEMORY, we've uploaded two full EPs we've recorded during downtime over the last year or so for you to download for free. See if you can figure out what inspired them ;)
01 August 2010 -- Omega's Ruin
30 January 2011 -- That Which Threatens Us We Destroy



After a brief multi-year interlude, we are at the vocals-and-mixing stage for the sixth full length Nothing Inside release MEMORY, planned for release this year. Twenty new tracks of digital angst.


Unfortunately, we were never able to pull together the right venues, insurance, etc. to perform DESCENT in, which leaves all of the video footage we spent years working on without a home. Maybe we'll release it on YouTube or a DVD or something, or integrate parts of it into the regular live show when we start touring the new album. Stay tuned.


New minimalist packaging for the latest Karakul album! Order your meatspace copy now!


More ARCHIVES tracks are available to check out - discarded tracks from the SOMETHING STRANGE sessions


Check out our new DIVERSIONS section for what we do when we're not doing what we do. Maximum geekery of various types.