hate turned backwards.

hate turned backwards / mice in tights, discontinuity.

RELEASED 15 AUG 2001 ~ 67.50


O 01 htb: mutilate 7.42 MP3 (1,299k)
O 02 htb: aggressor 9.03 MP3 (8,485k) #
O 03 htb: spasm 9.28 MP3 (944k)
O 04 htb: etah 8.14 MP3 (1,099k)
05 intermission 1.25 MP3 (1,012k)
06 mit: squirrel 7.11 MP3 (954k)
07 mit: control 8.17 MP3 (1,022k)
08 mit: joyful 9.50 MP3 (1,054k)
09 mit: stronger 6.24 MP3 (6,009k) #

"Capturing the sound made when everyone dies and turning it into 'music'." This caption describing the HTB track Unseen on 1997's Host embodies the inner philosophy of the band. Combining dark jungle and industrial noisecore and featuring vocals from Mike Coleman, Hate Turned Backwards delivers music with an ever-changing mood - individual songs can truly be said to have "chapters".

They share the split LP Discontinuity with Mice In Tights.