nothing inside, remnants one.

RELEASED 15 DEC 1998 ~ 60.20

01 blind [live fragment] 3.19 MP3 (926k)
02 just like you said [live] 5.29 MP3 (926k)
03 ashes [demo] 4.04 MP3 (926k)
04 vitriolic [demo] 2.16 MP3 (926k)
05 thalium murder [demo] 3.20 MP3 (926k)
06 s.c.h. [improvisational excerpts] 10.38 MP3 (926k)
07 g.d.s. [handabung und gebrauch remix] 9.26 MP3 (926k)
08 descent [spiders live in europe remix] 8.35 MP3 (879k)
09 end [core breach megamix] 13.13 MP3 (926k)

Remnants One is a special CD that was sent out free to Collapsing Memories members. It contains various things we found laying around the studio, including live tracks, unreleased demos from the HOST sessions, in-studio improvisational excerpts, and remixes.