nothing inside, stranger.

RELEASED 06 JUN 1997 ~ 73.48


O 01 time 5.12 MP3 (545k)
X 02 otter 4.42 MP3 (4,410k) #

in the end i never understood why what we had
just disintegrated into something strangely dark and sad
i never understood just why it had to be this way
and in the blood reflected in your eyes
i turned away

everything endured and it seemed so unexpected
everything destroyed too broken to be corrected
just a question never answered a life slipping from your hands
it took to long to realize we never
had a chance

the tears have started flowing along with all the pain
even though i've escaped you now i'll never be the same
an otter trapped far out of water still drowning in the rain
forever sinking deep a victim of your creation

so many years gone down that road with no time for looking back
you left without a word your silence all i could extract
in the aftermath we had no chance to realign
and after all these years i'm still waiting
for a sign

O 03 just like you said 5.24 MP3 (664k)
O 04 throw 4.19 MP3 (693k)
O 05 blur 4.09 MP3 (666k)
06 elegy (for a small warm dog) 5.23 MP3 (694k)
O 07 slip 5.19 MP3 (4,980k) #
O 08 i want to see you die 3.31 MP3 (692k)
O 09 roadkill 3.15 MP3 (685k)
10 extinct 3.51 MP3 (695k)
O 11 strange 3.30 MP3 (672k)
12 out 4.19 MP3 (695k)
13 stranger 1.11 MP3 (567k)
14 empty 4.50 MP3 (764k)
15 descent 4.33 MP3 (775k)
16 monster 3.14 MP3 (734k)
17 end 5.26 MP3 (781k)

STRANGER was the first CD release from Nothing Inside. Thirteen new tracks were written for the album along with four recycled tracks from the END cassette.