nothing inside, stranger.

RELEASED 06 JUN 1997 ~ 73.48


O 01 time 5.12 MP3 (545k)
O 02 otter 4.42 MP3 (4,410k) #
O 03 just like you said 5.24 MP3 (664k)
O 04 throw 4.19 MP3 (693k)
O 05 blur 4.09 MP3 (666k)
06 elegy (for a small warm dog) 5.23 MP3 (694k)
O 07 slip 5.19 MP3 (4,980k) #
O 08 i want to see you die 3.31 MP3 (692k)
O 09 roadkill 3.15 MP3 (685k)
10 extinct 3.51 MP3 (695k)
X 11 strange 3.30 MP3 (672k)

once 13

19 now
hurt caught up with her
she's broken down

friends that were not friends
spitting on her soul
laughing at her pain

insults shatter
it didn't matter
the damage was done again

she reached up on the kitchen shelf
found her knife and lost herself
slashed her wrists then cut out her eyes
so she couldn't see the blood on the floor

people causing pain
playing silly games
false apologies
won't wash away bloodstains

it seems it is the only way
to end the hurt and shame
her heart has just stopped beating
don't you find this strange?

12 out 4.19 MP3 (695k)
13 stranger 1.11 MP3 (567k)
14 empty 4.50 MP3 (764k)
15 descent 4.33 MP3 (775k)
16 monster 3.14 MP3 (734k)
17 end 5.26 MP3 (781k)

STRANGER was the first CD release from Nothing Inside. Thirteen new tracks were written for the album along with four recycled tracks from the END cassette.