nothing inside, stranger.

RELEASED 06 JUN 1997 ~ 73.48


O 01 time 5.12 MP3 (545k)
O 02 otter 4.42 MP3 (4,410k) #
O 03 just like you said 5.24 MP3 (664k)
O 04 throw 4.19 MP3 (693k)
O 05 blur 4.09 MP3 (666k)
06 elegy (for a small warm dog) 5.23 MP3 (694k)
X 07 slip 5.19 MP3 (4,980k) #

moving faster i slip through our days
watching all my life drip so thick through lovesick haze
thinking we were stupid for ending up this way
trying to decide between our pleasure and our pain

and all those things that we said before
of how it would be different "this time for sure"
because both of us are sick of pain "we don't want this hurt"
but everything i try to do only seems to make it worse

moving slower i slip through your eyes
forcing out the truth from within your endless lies
pushing in i find there is no strength in compromise
always trapped within ourselves we forever pay that price

and every time i thought love was next
it always had the reverse effect
forcing us to turn and direct
all our anger and contempt at whatever was left

sinking deeper i slip off your ring
shattering instantly what was left of all our dreams
throwing it behind me as i reach for other things
then lose my grip and fall forever trapped within this scene

and all those things that we never did say
the times we trusted and made that mistake
we turned both of our lives into some pointless useless game
then something darker slipped on out and forced it all to break

O 08 i want to see you die 3.31 MP3 (692k)
O 09 roadkill 3.15 MP3 (685k)
10 extinct 3.51 MP3 (695k)
O 11 strange 3.30 MP3 (672k)
12 out 4.19 MP3 (695k)
13 stranger 1.11 MP3 (567k)
14 empty 4.50 MP3 (764k)
15 descent 4.33 MP3 (775k)
16 monster 3.14 MP3 (734k)
17 end 5.26 MP3 (781k)

STRANGER was the first CD release from Nothing Inside. Thirteen new tracks were written for the album along with four recycled tracks from the END cassette.