nothing inside, stranger.

RELEASED 06 JUN 1997 ~ 73.48


O 01 time 5.12 MP3 (545k)
O 02 otter 4.42 MP3 (4,410k) #
O 03 just like you said 5.24 MP3 (664k)
O 04 throw 4.19 MP3 (693k)
O 05 blur 4.09 MP3 (666k)
06 elegy (for a small warm dog) 5.23 MP3 (694k)
O 07 slip 5.19 MP3 (4,980k) #
X 08 i want to see you die 3.31 MP3 (692k)

you keep on pushing me out and pulling me in
you keep on smashing it down and making it end
and it seems that everything that mattered just slipped away

you pull at me too tight to breathe
and bind me up in agony
your crueler streak that surfaced strengthens hate

"i never really wanted you" softly i heard you sigh
"it's over - this is our last goodbye"
and then i stared all empty eyed at what you had become
and in looking turned the mirror round and saw my own reflection

i want to see you die
i want to feel your pain
i want to watch you bleed in ways
that i just can't explain

i want to take it all away
i want to make you cry
i want to smash it all apart
until there's nothing left inside

i want to see you die
i want to see you die

O 09 roadkill 3.15 MP3 (685k)
10 extinct 3.51 MP3 (695k)
O 11 strange 3.30 MP3 (672k)
12 out 4.19 MP3 (695k)
13 stranger 1.11 MP3 (567k)
14 empty 4.50 MP3 (764k)
15 descent 4.33 MP3 (775k)
16 monster 3.14 MP3 (734k)
17 end 5.26 MP3 (781k)

STRANGER was the first CD release from Nothing Inside. Thirteen new tracks were written for the album along with four recycled tracks from the END cassette.